New Storage Installation


We're ready to bring some new storage online so we can continue providing you with the awesome performance levels you're used to at WMS.

This is an exiting milestone for us!  We’ve passed our first year of live operations and are investing back into the platform to allow for current and future growth.

What’s happening?

Servers without snapshots are going to be live migrated to the new storage platform. There will be a brief outage for a minute or two at each end of the migration, but the server will be available while the bulk of the migration takes place.

Any servers with snapshots will need to be warm-migrated, meaning they will be suspended for the duration of the move. This can be anywhere from ten minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the size of your server.  We strongly recommend that you remove your snapshots to avoid this situation.

There may be some periods of high disk activity on the platform at certain points during the migration process. This shouldn't affect customer servers too badly, but if you do notice it, we apologise. It's unavoidable and the results are definitely worth it.

Customers with private vswitches or other special requirements will be contacted directly by us to arrange a suitable time for the change.

What can you do?

Follow us for updates

If you have any snapshots, delete them to avoid downtime.

To delete your snapshot:
Log in into the console - go to your server control panel, click on the snapshot icon in the tool kit and choose ‘delete snapshot’ from the action drop-down.  Alternatively, email us on and ask us to remove your snapshots.  (Deleting your snapshot will not interfere with your backups.)

NOTE: Servers left with snapshots remaining will be offline for the entire duration of the move (the bigger your machine the longer your suspension will be.)

What’s Next?

If you do not have a current snapshot or a private vswitch: You’ll experience two brief outages during the migration.

If you have a snapshot: Delete it, or be prepared for a full server suspension and outage while the migration takes place. 

As we start the changes we’ll announce via Twitter.

If you have any concerns or questions create a new ticket from this page or email us on

The team @ WMS

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