How do I reset my Linux password if I forget it?

As we don't have access to your operating system, if you forget your password you will need to reset this by following the steps below.

1. From the WMS console, select an ISO to load from the Hardware section, and choose 'Ubuntu 12.04 32bit'.  Note that for this procedure it doesn't matter which version of Linux you actually have installed, but these instructions follow the Ubuntu 12.04 rescue mode prompts.

2. Reboot your server from the ISO image by selecting 'Reboot from CD' from the Option icon in the Toolkit section.

3. Open a terminal by clicking the Display preview window.

4. Follow the steps below. Note that the exact values are not important, as they will not be saved to your system if you are only performing a password reset.

  • choose a language - English
  • choose 'rescue a broken system'
  • choose an install language - English
  • choose a country
  • choose 'No' at the Detect Keyboard prompt
  • choose a keyboard language - usually English (US)
  • choose a keyboard layout - usually English (US)
  • enter anything you like for hostname
  • choose the correct timezone
  • choose /dev/sda1 as the root file system
  • choose execute a shell in /dev/sda1
  • note the # prompt at the bottom of the screen
  • type the following
passwd root


passwd [your username]
  • Enter, and confirm your password when prompted
  • Type'exit' to return to the rescue menu
  • choose 'Reboot the system' to safely exit rescue mode

5. Reboot your server from the hard disk image by selecting 'Reboot from Hard disk' from the Option icon in the Toolkit section of the WMS Console.

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